File extension BUP

File extension BUP 是一個定義檔和它的內容的類型的檔副檔名。

The full form of bup is Backup. Simply speaking, File extension BUP files are the backup files and can be used to restore the data when it is lost or when it gets corrupted. The files with the .bup extension are used by numerous programs o that they can create an automatic backup of their data in a bup file. It is done to ensure that in case there is a loss of data or in case it becomes corrupted or unusable, then the required data can be easily retrieved through these . bup files.

Things to know about this type of file

The BUP files are primarily related to the &qout;DVD Information File Backup&qout;. There are 3 types of files on a disc. A VOB file (Video Object) is one of the core files of the DVD data, found on the video of the DVD discs. These files contain the actual movie data, which also includes the MPEG-2 video and supporting audio (MP2, DTS etc.). Next is the IFO (Information) file, which actually refers to the files on a DVD video disc. In simple language, the IFO files contain all the information which DVD player must be told so that the user can navigate through the data easily.

What's the other category?

The third type of files from the above category is the BUP file. This is nothing but the backup copy of the IFO file of a DVD video disc. Whenever the IFO file of a DVD gets corrupted or deleted, then its respective bup file can be used to retrieve back the data which was lost. Thus, these files with the .bup extension are extremely necessary to the data. If the drive is unable to read the data from an IFO file, then it will do so through the bup file.

So, what's to know more about these type of files?

The applications which can be associated with File extension BUP files are Brother Embroidery System File, CD Indexer, PC-Bibliothek Update File and Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup. The importance and necessity of File extension BUP files can be easily judged by the fact that a DVD player does not allow the navigation of the DVD file if the IFO and BUP files are absent, even if the VOB file is present.

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檔可以包含不同類型的資訊 — — 文字文件、 試算表與數位、 圖片、 視頻、 音樂、 地圖等......要講哪個檔包含哪些資料,使用的檔副檔名。檔副檔名是之後的最後一個點檔案名稱的一部分。檔副檔名的示例包括 JPEG、 DOC、 MP3、 MP4 等。一個粗糙的比喻將人的姓氏。就像它,檔副檔名用於標識哪個"家庭"的檔,特定的檔屬於。瞭解更多有關檔副檔名。

從電腦的角度來看,所有檔都包含數位只是長的字串。它是電腦的應用 (aka 軟體) 是什麼翻譯這些成有用的數位、 文字圖像和聲音。為了正確地打開該檔,電腦必須使用正確的應用程式是適當的檔案類型 (文字文件為 Word 處理器)、 照片應用程式的影像檔,等等。每個檔副檔名分配主預設應用程式打開它和一些或其他應用程式,使用者可以從中選擇。有關這些任務的資訊存儲在 Windows 註冊表中。未能打開從被損壞的 Windows 註冊表檔往往結果。瞭解更多 Windows 註冊表。

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